Little Gulliver Pty Ltd is the exclusive importer of the innovative and award winning child safety device, CARES, for the Australia / New Zealand region.

CARES, invented by the USA based Kids Fly Safe, has established a new benchmark for safe aeroplane travelling for children and is being well accepted by young families across Aust/NZ.

CARES is the only harness system available that has been approved for use in all phases of flight...takeoff, cruising and landing.

Local airline support has steadily improved as awareness of CARES has grown. Airlines have been updating their child travel policies on the web to specifically include CARES (see our Airline Policies page) and brief their staff. V Australia (Feb 09), QANTAS (Mar 10), Air New Zealand (July 10) and Virgin Blue (Oct 10) have been leading the way locally.

Are you a "Bricks & Mortar" store interested in ranging CARES?  Please contact Ben Jones on 03 9824 6770 or ben@littlegulliver.com.au

From Kids Fly Safe, USA, (CARES inventor)

Sept 2011 Newsletter:

"CARES can be found in nearly 175 "brick and mortar" stores in the US and in Canada. In addition, many popular web stores sell CARES in North America. Outside of North America the stores are posted under the country in which they are located. CARES can be purchased in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Holland and Norway. In Asia, CARES is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Okinawa, and just starting to be sold in China. It has been popular in Australia and New Zealand for a long time. There is a CARES re-seller in South Africa, a new re-seller in Dubai, and soon to be a re-seller in Israel."

"There are over 70,000 CARES "out there" now (launched late 2006), and CARES can be purchased in over 200 stores across the US and Canada, and several dozen more around the globe."

From the KidsFlySafe website:

"CARES is manufactured exclusively by AmSafe Aviation, the foremost manufacturer of aviation seatbelts and pilot restraints in the world. (Turn over your airplane seat belt buckle. Chances are it says AmSafe.) CARES is made of the same industrial-strength webbing as your own seat belt and is engineered to the highest aviation-safety standards."

"In September, 2006 the FAA announced it had certified CARES - the first and only alternative to a car seat permitted on planes. The certification gives parents the right to use CARES on all US airlines for all phases of flight: taxiing, take off, turbulence and landing. FAA regulators made it clear that airlines may not prevent parents from using CARES. The FAA announcement made news - it was picked up by national and international press and launched with a 6 minute segment on the Today show that same morning."