This is us on the plane to start our journey to England… Just thought I would let you know that I found the CARES strap awesome – it really made our trip much more comfortable knowing that he was safely secured in his seat and I believe it reminded him that he was in his car seat which meant that he wasn’t all that fussed in wanting to get out from his seat during flight.

Narelle, SA

Narelle and fellow travellers

Well we have just done 2 flights, my 2 year old was happy to be in his harness & when he fell asleep his head was still upright it never fell forward, he was very comfy in it.

qantas staff had never seen or heard of it before i handed them the letter & the captain came up & chatted about it,

the jet star flight they didn't say a thing,

we still have 4 more flights to go till we arrive home so its getting good use on its 1st holiday.

i highly recommend it & it was so easy & fast to install & remove & it does not cost much either.

Lyn, NSW

I am so happy that I don't have to find that car seat anymore.

CARES device solves every problems now. I hope this device will be well-known and widely used in the future. It is a great invention.



The CARES child aviation restraint has made a huge difference to our trip.

Our 19 month old has now enjoyed 5 flights safe in his own seat, including long haul from Melbourne to LA.

We have another 3 to go and the CARES is easy to install and was no problem in business or premium economy seats.

Having the FAA and CASA approval with us was also useful as a couple of flight attendents had not seen the device previously, and we had no problems on any of the flights.

Quite a few other passengers commented on it, and were going to get one for their grandkids or kids!

Thanks for supplying this in Australia and for the courteous and rapid service

Kylie M, VIC


It great that you have this product in Australia, I was thinking of buying it for long time but the idea of ordering it from the US....

I have been looking for over 3 months for things that help me to have a easier trip (24 hours in a plane with a 15 and 4 old months by myself plus 3 stopovers). thanks

Krystel K, QLD