The CARES child aviation harness is the reliable solution for safe and easy flying with kids.  No more unsafe lap babies.  No more hauling car seats on planes.

What is CARES?

  • Award-winning aviation restraint designed specifically for children.
  • For kids aged 1 to 5 | 10kgs to 20kgs | up to 102cm tall
  • Certified for all phases of flight - taxiing, take off, in-air turbulence and landing.
  • Weighs only 500 grams

Why you'll love your CARES

CARES provides peace of mind while your child is safely seated, able to sleep comfortably, have room to move, lower the tray table to play on and be out of kicking range of the chair in front!

Happy CARES users

 " It's great that you have this product in Australia, I was thinking of buying it for long time but the idea of ordering it from the US....I have been looking for over 3 months for things that help me to have a easier trip (24 hours in a plane with a 15 and 4 old months by myself plus 3 stopovers). thanks "  Krystel K.  QLD